An agnostic theist in a Southern Baptist church …

This note expresses sentiments that I believe are more common than many people realize:

Hi. I’m listening to the audiobook “A Generous Orthodoxy” –checked out from my library. I feel so encouraged by a lot of what’s been said there about faith. I’m not finished but I do want to pause and say that though I have been an agnostic theist for years hiding in the religion I was raised in, in Southern Baptist congregations, the words I’m hearing give me hope that maybe there really is a place for faith, hope and the greatest which is love. I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about Christianity for all practical purposes being largely atheistic rather than faithful because so much of believing seems about beliefs, avowals and logic rather than knowing God, being with God, and knowing our own being.
Thanks, Brian, for sharing your own journey with us and for talking with clarity about many things I somehow didn’t dare to say to myself or question.