An Advent meditation …

Here is a meditation on the Magnificat, transposed into today’s context:

All the parts of my innermost being – intellect, imagination, emotions, intuition, desire, volition – unite to celebrate aloud the magnificence of the Lord.
My innermost being jubilates in the God who liberates me.
God has smiled upon me, God’s down-to-earth servant, so I know all will be well.
Countless descendants from future generations will look back,
Knowing I was blessed,
For Divine Power has worked powerfully on my behalf.
May God’s mysterious Name be ever revered.
God’s kindness falls like rain and shines like the sun
On those in every generation who hold God in reverence.
See what transpires when God’s arm flexes in human society:
Arrogant egotists in the centers of power tumble,
And find themselves out off office and on the margins of nowhere.
High-finance high-rollers go bankrupt; party leaders get fired; pundits make fools of themselves,
And the power-hungry look pathetic and weak.
Meanwhile, welfare moms and minimum-wage workers finally get ahead,
And the third-world finally goes first class.
God welcomes the hungry and malnourished to a first-class feast, and
God sends the rich out with growling stomachs and empty plates.
God’s oppressed people, God’s servants, finally experience God’s uplifting presence.
God hasn’t forgotten us after all,
But God has re-activated the age-old promise to be gracious,
In unending fidelity to our ancestor Abraham and all his descendants.