A reader writes: The Most Important Thing You’ve Ever Written

A reader writes:

I just thought I’d drop you a line to say thanks so much for your ministry. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing you ‘live’ a few times when you’ve been in Australia, of listening to many podcasts and videos, reading your blogs and reading and rereading most if not all of your books.
Right now, I’m rereading Chapter 3 of “The Great Spiritual Migration” in preparation for a study group which is going through your book and using it as a catalyst to think about how we might want to develop and reshape our congregation. And I am so excited and uplifted by this chapter with its idea of churches as schools of love, and the ways in which our liturgy might become a curriculum of love. Of all of the many chapters, in many books you’ve written, it strikes me that if this chapter were to influence ever more people, it may be the most important thing you’ve ever written!
Anyway, thanks again, and be encouraged!
Thanks for these encouraging words. I am thrilled to know that your congregation is taking the idea of “school of love” seriously. Let me know how things unfold!