A reader writes: some sense of not-aloneness

A reader writes:

yes, I’m one of the “marginalized” and the points you address in Secret Message are points I have dealt with for decades. I had never studied the life of Jesus in its political and social context, so your book was a real eye-opener.
have not attended church since my daughter’s wedding. her son starts college this year. church was and is, for me, a total turn-off.
I have always – except for a brief interval when I considered myself agnostic – believed, but not in the rant and cant I heard. I can’t tell what I believe, because it is bigger than whatever words I can wrap around the tiny little concept. but I believe.
your book has enhanced my understanding and provided some sense of not-aloneness.

Thanks … it’s good to know the book was helpful. I know a lot of people feel as you do … surrounded by “rant and can’t” but hungry for something more.