A reader writes: reading in Myanmar

A reader writes:

[I am] from Myanmar (Burma). I have recently read your
books A New Kind of Christianity and Naked Spirituality. They help me
to see myself, God and my surroundings in a new way. Along with these
two books was your “The Secret Message of Jesus”, which changed my
view on our government, the military junta–oppressive, dominating,
and cruel to religious and ethnic minorities in my country. I used to
hate and wanted to fight against the military government in a violent
way as many insurgent groups do. But your books help me to see a
better way of response to these oppressions and cruelties. Though my
country is now in transition to democracy there are still so much
killings like killing many innocent Muslims, ethnic cleansing and
religious oppressions. Plz, keep us in your prayer that Christians in
my country will respond to all these injustices in the way of Jesus.

It is humbling and encouraging to know that these books have been helpful to you in this challenging situation. Thanks so much for writing. I am greatly inspired by Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been such a courageous voice and example for nonviolent change. I know many will join me in praying for you and your country today. I hope I can visit some day.