A Reader Writes … quite a journey!

A Reader Writes:
My name is xxx and I want to share your impact on my journey.
My wife and I were in an independent fundamental Baptist church in our early twenties when a friend at work gave me a set of CDs from a presentation you gave at a 7th Day Adventist Church meeting.
I think my wife and wore those CDs out on several road trips. I still remember many of the details – foot washing and the church of the last detail, how creative people will leave those churches, the bridge metaphor, the story of the Cambodian neighbors, etc…
We knew something was unhealthy about our church, but we weren’t sure what to do about it and we were afraid to leave – afraid to lose our friends, afraid that our marriage would fall apart, afraid that our future children would not love Jesus. Unhealthy churches generate a lot of fear in their members.

That teaching series (and later reading your books) gave us 1) confirmation that our church was unhealthy, 2) confidence that there were different, healthy churches out there 3) awareness of a different way to view Jesus and the Scriptures. You helped us move past fear.

I lent those CDs to a series of friends over the years…. You are woven in as one of the many threads in our creative journey.
So, thank you. It’s worth saying again. Thank You. I should have thanked you years ago, but you came to my mind this morning and I wanted you to know that I have gratitude for you and how the Spirit used you in my life and the life of others.
Thanks for these encouraging words. I had no idea that evening was recorded, or that CD’s snuck out of SDA world headquarters to help some independent fundamental Baptists! It’s really encouraging to hear how, little by little, friend to friend, year and decade by year and decade, change accumulates. Thanks be to God.
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