A reader writes: I’ve never written to an author before –

A reader writes:

I have never been moved to write to an author before. I , personally, have gone through a period of spiritual deconstruction and as I was again experiencing the presence of God in my life, I picked up Naked Spirituality. It resonated strongly with me and I strongly felt I wanted to share it. I attend a rather conservative church and knew this would be a risk.
Since September, I have been leading a study group of 10 ladies. We are just beginning to tap into Harmony. I just wanted to thank you. This book has clarified so many things about my spiritual journey for me. I no longer am ashamed of my doubts and questions. I can now see how this is a vital part of a more vibrant deep life with God.
As we studied, the ladies would say to me, “Let’s not rush through this. We need to take our time. There is so much here”. Or they would simple say, “Wow!” . You have posed and addressed questions that have been in our hearts for many years. You’ve given us the courage to look at these things and speak of them with each other.
We have taken huge leaps in becoming what God created us to be, a body that cares, shares, and grows.
Thank you so much.

Thanks for these encouraging words. I’m humbled and grateful for the chance to be in partnership with you.