A Reader Writes: From a Bible Church Pastor “falling into God”

A reader writes:

I have such a long story to share with you.
I’m 45 years old of Latino descent. I have been part of a Bible Church for many years and am now on the pastoral staff.
My Paradigm began to shift during the year 2011 very slowly and nervously. But in the winter and spring of 2014 it took a hard 90 degree turn. Anger, Frustration, Fear, more anger, more fear. A good Christian friend of mine who was familiar with the teaching of Dallas Willard and Yourself, shared a book with me upon me asking him if he’d heard of you. “A new kind of christian”… I read the trilogy, A new kind of Christianity, We make the road by walking, Generous Orthodoxy, have listened to several of your podcast and interviews and more. Since then I have been being led by the late Rene Girard and Dallas Willard and Oh, how much I owe to n.t. wright! My wife and I went to the Renovare conference after my crisis in 2014 down in Houston and we’ve been exposed to Ruth Haley Barton and Richard Foster and all these amazing saints.
I could go on and on. I skipped so much detail. I would so love the privilege to sit with you and personally thank you for the courageous work you have done for the kingdom. I hope this little note reaches you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heart and wisdom.
Your work, along with my friend who had already been learning from you, guided me and kept me headed forward…. I want to preach my heart here and lead the congregation according to how the Lord is teaching me concerning his kingdom. Some love it and are inspired to a joyful loving life with God. Other’s are suspicious and accusatory. I’ll remain faithful as long as I can.
There’s so much to tell. Thank you for writing. thank you for sharing you story and life. I know it hasn’t been easy. May the lord bless your wife and adult kids and protect them. May we all learn the discipline of “not having to defend ourselves” knowing that he knows and sees all.
Looking forward to your next book (along with N.T Wrights concerning the Crucifixion). In the meantime….I cannot get enough of Rene Girard and Gill Bailey. Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.
If you are ever in my city, please allow me to buy you lunch or coffee!
I Hope you are well. Thank you thank you and thank you. Your work is bearing fruit in the life of a puerto rican who is ministering to urban children, teens, and their families. almost 3 years after the 90 degree turn I continue to feel as if “i’m falling into God”.

Thanks for these encouraging words! It really is like a new world when we break out of some old frameworks and see things from a fresh vantage point. May God bless you and give you courage! BTW – if you haven’t heard about the OPEN Network, it could be of real encouragement to you.