A reader from way down under writes …

I write to you (hoping you might see this) to simply say thank you.
I have just completed my honours year in theology at the Australian Catholic University in Canberra Australia and am about to embark on a PhD. I have undergone a tremendous evolutionary process in terms of my theology and faith life in the last 4 years and have come to a place where I have less and less certainty to cling on to and more and more questions to contemplate and think through. I have struggled through this process feeling quite alone for the most part, as conservative theology and mainline Catholic or Evangelical leanings are what makes up the convictions of most in my circles.
I wanted to say thank you for your bold and brave book: ‘A New Kind of Christianity’. I journeyed through it with you and found deep encouragement in those pages, particularly in the closing chapters where you touched on the isolation and complication that often comes when one asks these types of questions.
I felt strengthened, challenged and re-invigorated to continue in my walk.
So from way down-under, Thank you.

Thanks for these encouraging words.