Your Three Key Steps to Help Heal our Planet

The single most important thing any of us can do to address climate change and help restore this beautiful fragile earth is to vote for candidates who put the long-term health of the planet over the short term wealth of their super-rich donors. For Americans in 2020, that means voting out Trump and every Republican, since at this moment, not a single one is standing up to oppose Trump in his anti-science climate change denial. Here’s a link to the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan to convert to a clean energy economy:


The next most important thing we can do – reduce our carbon footprint. This is a site I’ve been using to track my carbon footprint – and then offset my contribution to greenhouse gases.


If you take the time to use this site, you’ll learn a lot – about your own behavior, about global norms, and about what’s necessary to get human civilization more in line with our planetary limits. Because of catastrophic political failure, aided by religious failure, we’re already too late to avoid very serious consequences for our inaction, and the longer we wait, the more serious the consequences will be. Our children and grandchildren will live in a far worse environment – ecological, social, economic, and political – if we do our part now.

Along with reducing our carbon footprint, we can divest from and boycott the world’s dirtiest companies and invest in and patronize cleaner alternatives. For more in divest/invest, check out: