Your chance to make a difference today …

You can do something today to help people who make less than $1.25 a day. Better than a handout, you can give folks help in a new kind of business that employs them and lets them share in the profits.
This project, called “Dignity,” is based in The Philippines. It makes coconut products like Virgin Coconut Oil. The business is designed not only for profitable sales, but also to dramatically transform the poor communities in which it is creating jobs.
This new business model sees beyond the single bottom line of profit for a few, but rather seeks economic benefit for many, along with environmental sustainability and social enrichment.
I really like what this company is doing. That’s why I’m asking you to take a minute and look at the Kickstarter – and if you like it too, to pledge something toward their campaign. Beyond pledging – which I hope you will do – I am also asking you if you will share this e mail with as many friends as you can. Let’s do some good!!
And you can contribute here: