Wow. An amazing rendering of Isaiah 58

… by my friend Paul Raushenbush, here:

Here’s a sample:
An American interpretation of Isaiah 58 on Ash Wednesday, 2017.

“Shout it, rap it, sing it, scream it, chant it, let it flow
Raise your voice like a trumpet, like an electric guitar, like a sitar, like a djembe
Declare to America its rebellion
and to the descendants of Washington, Jefferson and Hamilton their sins.

For day after day they claim to know me,
they pose and preen as if they desire to do as I would do,
as if they were a nation that truly believes in liberty and justice
and has not forsaken the commands of its constitution and the conscience of its soul.
They make public shows of prayer and righteousness,
and are eager to appear to privately own God’s blessings for their personal use
And then seem surprised when God leaves their hearts cold and unsatisfied.

I hope you’ll read the whole piece, and ponder it’s meaning for us today.