Wild Goose: I’m Back

The Wild Goose Festival was everything I had hoped, and more. The people, the talks, the music, the setting, the weather, the food, the vibe … it was splendid, about as close to perfect as anything ever is. I got to dip in on a number of talks and music sets, but the highlight was meeting folks in line to buy some pizza or vegetarian Indian food … or bumping into an old friend and taking a walk, or sitting on lawn chairs around a campfire and slicing up some mangoes or sharing coffee.
Frank Schaeffer did a nice job summing things up.
Gareth Higgins and the whole planning team deserve to be inundated with an avalanche of kudos and thanks. They should (as soon as they recover from exhaustion) be in absolute ecstasy for about three months … after which they’ll need to get busy planning for next year. If you didn’t come this year, don’t make the same mistake in 2012, that’s all I can say. I imagine dates and registration will be up soon at http://www.wildgoosefestival.org/intro.
Our 14 hour drive home was a little less ideal. A fellow ran a red light and reconfigured my bumper and hood in Lumberton NC, and then when I finally got home, I had a fever and spent the day in bed groaning. But today I’m on the mend and the Wild Goose euphoria is returning.
There wasn’t much in the way of internet or even cell phone coverage, which was actually kind of nice, but meant I couldn’t stay in touch for the last week. I’m back, and have some big news to announce soon. Stay tuned…