Wild Goose 2013: Here’s the Latest

I’m a big fan and supporter of the Wild Goose Festival. News was just released about this year’s dates and location:
August 8-11, in Hot Springs, NC

While we know that Wild Goose events are fun, moving, and transformative for the individuals who attend, these spaces are aimed at cumulatively building a movement for change, in the U.S. and globally. We are called to renew ourselves in love of God, neighbor, and self; but we are also discerning a call to imagine what we must demand of political, cultural, and church authorities. Not only this, but a movement for change requires its members to ask what we will demand of ourselves.Wild Goose aims to nurture a community of people who are willing to commit to the teachings of Jesus and the way of love, even when it costs us. We are compelled by the idea that it’s the only thing that works. War, poverty, marginalization and exclusion, racism, and other forms of fear and dehumanization dominate our public life and media: Wild Goose is committed to leading an alternative way of joy, hope, courage, and radical inclusion.

There’s room for only 2000 people this year, and early-bird tickets will be available tomorrow. So be sure to register here: http://wildgoosefestival.org/tickets