Why more of us are speaking up on nuclear reduction and disarmament …

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I’m often asked how it is that conservative, Evangelical Christians have come to support a “liberal” issue like the abolition of nuclear weapons. But the old Cold War divisions—where conservatives favored a strong deterrent and liberals favored disarmament—just don’t apply in our post-Cold War, post-9/11 world. Today, to be for nuclear security is to be for the abolition of nuclear weapons, no matter whether you’re politically left, right, or center.
That’s why a group of former Cold Warriors—including George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Bill Perry, and Sam Nunn—has been at the forefront of the new, nonpartisan effort to eliminate all nuclear weapons worldwide. At last count, the proposals outlined in their groundbreaking Wall Street Journal op-eds had received the support of seventy percent of our former national security advisors and secretaries of state and defense. Seventy percent. Just try to think of another national security issue with that kind of nonpartisan backing.
You can find the op-eds here: http://twofuturesproject.org/learn-more-about-2fp
But even with this breadth of consensus, outdated divisions still hold a lot of power over people who lived through that time. And that’s why I’m convinced that those of us who came of age after the Cold War have a special responsibility when it comes to the work of abolishing nuclear weapons. I wrote an essay for Relevant magazine—the leading publication for Christian twenty- and thirty-somethings—to explain why it’s time for a new generation to take up the nuclear question.
You can also find the essay here: http://twofuturesproject.org/learn-more-about-2fp
It’s my hope—and the work of the Two Futures Project—that we’ll soon see an inter-generational partnership between octogenarian Cold Warriors and younger Evangelicals dedicated to taking care of the Cold War’s legacy once and for all.