Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?

You can purchase this book from your neighborhood independent bookseller or at Amazon or Barnes & Noble
It is available as an audio book, a digital ebook, and as hardback paper.
Brian introduced the book in the US through a multi-city book tour, with stops in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, Berkeley, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Austin, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Miami
Brian will also appear to discuss the book on The Tokens Show in Nashville on November 18. More information here:
There will be UK book tour in November-December 2012:

Learn more here:
Thursday 29th November 19.30– St Martin’s in the Bullring – Tickets »
With music from Jasmine Kennedy. More to be announced.
Friday 30th November 19.30 – Manchester Cathedral – Tickets »
With conversation with Robert Cohen and music from Jasmine Kennedy. More to be announced.
Saturday 1st December 19.30 – Turbine Hall, CastleGate – Tickets »
With conversation with Professor Mona Siddiqui and music from Gareth Davies-Jones.
Monday 3rd December 19.30 – Woodlands Church – Tickets »
With music from Miriam Jones. More to be announced.
Tuesday 4th December 19.30 – Central Hall – Tickets »
With conversation with Mohammed Ansar and music from Miriam Jones.
Wednesday 5th December 19.30 – Oasis, Waterloo – Tickets »
With conversation with Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand. More to be announced.

A leader/reader’s study guide to assist with individual reflection and group study will be available soon. For a limited time, we’re offering a PDF of the guide as a gift for people who come to the book tour – and for those who help spread the word about the book. You can download it here:
Download file
Here are some reviews of the book:
You can see a thirteen-minute video introduction to and overview of the book at www.theworkofthepeople.com. It’s a great tool for reading groups. You can watch it for free and purchase a hi-res version here:

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