Who has caused you more harm?

It’s sad and strange to see undocumented workers painted as such a threat – here in the US and elsewhere, while bankers and multi-national corporations are given a pass. (The Occupy movement is the notable exception.)
Meanwhile, many of us have lost significant portions of our savings because of too-big-to-fail banks and insurance companies. We live in nations whose deficits swelled to bail out banks and major corporations, which means we’ve picked up their debts for them. We live in a damaged environment which suffers from the “externalized costs” – or “socialized costs” – of mega-corporations, meaning that we breathe air and drink water they’ve polluted, and we survey landscapes they’ve plundered. We live in democracies that are rapidly becoming corptocracies due to corporate lobbying, reducing “people power” and increasing “money power.” With all our “help,” no wonder the one percent gains a larger and larger portion of international wealth and income.
Obviously, it’s not an “either/or” thing … but I can’t help but think that some scapegoating is going on. That’s why I appreciate Sam Lee’s outspoken and passionate letter to the Minister of Immigration in the Netherlands here:
Late Add: Here’s a recent piece by Michael Gerson on immigration and the Republican party: