Where I’ll be June 23-26, 2011. Hope you will too!

This is one of those events you’ll want to commit to now and build your schedule around: The Wild Goose Festival – it’s all about music, the arts, spirituality, and justice.
Here’s what I posted about Wild Goose …

Through the Wild Goose Festival, I hope that several streams of Christian faith and life here in North America can come together in a fresh and new way.
First, there are the progressive Evangelicals (or perhaps, since capital-E Evangelicals seem to be tightening their borders lately, post-evangelicals would be a better term).
Second, there are the progressive Catholics. Both of these groups have seen their faith communities increasingly dominated by the Religious Right and are seeking to articulate an alternative ethos.
Third, there are the Missional Mainliners. These are the traditional Protestants who have realized that Christian faith isn’t primarily about institutional maintenance, but is a movement of spirituality, community, and mission. Fourth, there are the ethnic churches – groups that have had to negotiate multiple identities and that as a result have often had a higher-than-normal sensitivity to the integration of faith and social justice.
Finally, there are the Peace Churches, whose message is especially needed now in these fractious times.
I see Wild Goose as uniting these sometimes-disparate spiritual kin into a powerful movement of faith, hope and love. I hope you join me there.