What makes you feel closer to God?

“What makes you feel closer to God?” When Christine Sine asked this question, the answers she received surprised her. It wasn’t pipe organs and pulpits that most often opened people to God’s presence, but simple things in daily life. In Return to Our Senses, Christine shows you how simple experiences – breathing, drinking a glass of water, walking amongst trees, shooting a photo, picking up a stone – can become “thin places” and pregnant moments in your daily life – helping you awaken to God’s presence, savor God’s nearness, and translate your experience of God into prayerful, compassionate action.
More on Christine’s work here: http://godspace.wordpress.com
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Christine and Tom Sine have been an inspiration to me for years. Many years ago, they played a key role in helping me read the Scriptures in a fresh way. Christine’s new book really touched my heart, and I know it will do the same for you. Here’s a beautiful song from Carrie Newcomer that resonates with “Return to Our Senses” –