What I’m Listening to … sounds of Kansas City

I’ve had Kansas City on my mind lately …
I’ve been enjoying Songs from Jacob’s Well, by Mike Crawford & Co. … Two CD’s full of creative and textured arrangements and solid lyrics, as sung at one of my favorite churches in the country. The whole project would be worth it just for the last cut, imo – “Words to Build a Life On” is like an anthem. I hope that thousands of churches around the country will start singing this song. You can buy the CDs here
Mike Crawford and his Secret Siblings
Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying some other KC musicians …
Lori Chaffer’s 1Beginning is really great. The song “Welcome” is probably my favorite … bringing lots of 20+-year old “new dad” memories to mind.
And I’ve also been enjoying Don Chafer’s What You Don’t Know a lot too. This is a talented couple! Together, they tour and record as Waterdeep.
Also, if you’re looking for additional good music …
Check out the work of my friend Ken Medema at www.KenMedema.com
And my creative colleague Tracy Howe at www.restorationvillage.com – where you can pick up the CD we produced together here.
Also – Bob Carlton just sent me Tracy Chapman’s newest – just listening now. (Thanks, Bob!)