well done, travis reed

If you don’t know the work of Travis Reed and friends at theworkofthepeople.com, you should. I can’t imagine more punch, emotion, and impact being packed in less than two minutes … here’s Hell in a Handbasket, part of an interview with theologian John Goldingay:

HELL IN A HAND BASKET from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.

thanks, sivin kit!
Another relevant quote from Richard Rohr after the jump:

From Richard Rohr:

The best thing that I can possibly do as a teacher/preacher is to help people to recognize and trust their own deeper and even deepest spiritual intuitions. I am convinced this Deeper Place is what we Christians would call the Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit. We are not left alone; Real Guidance is always being offered. My great disappointment in so much of institutional religion is that I don’t think it encourages people to recognize or to trust these deeper spiritual intuitions. Generally, it tells them to trust only authority and words, and never to trust themselves. This creates robots with a superiority complex, but not real saints.
To give people answers to questions they have not yet struggled with or suffered for makes those very answers more a wall than a window. The answers are not deeply understood or subtly felt, and they tend to be used to block further experience; or worse, to find real inner experience of God unnecessary. All you need to do is follow outer authorities or texts, and obey laws. This creates the passive, aggressive, and largely un-transformative religion that we have today. The Gospel offers us so much more.

Adapted from The Authority of Those Who Have Suffered