Well done, Rick and Kay Warren

Since I first heard him speak (I think it was around 1984?), I’ve had great respect for Rick Warren. His positive attitude, his practical focus, his amazing consistency – they have been an inspiration to me. Rick played a big part in my decision to leave higher education and become a pastor (arguably an even higher form of education) back in the mid-80’s. Whenever we’ve met, I have experienced Rick as a good and gracious man.
I’m deeply impressed by the way he is turning the tragedy of his son’s death into a motivation for service, focusing his unparalleled energies on the mission of removing the stigma from mental illness. As someone with a lot of mental illness in my circle of family and friends, I’m grateful that Rick will be leading the way in this important mission.
Well done, Rick and Kay. Well done. (If I can be of help in any way in your ongoing work, just let me know.)