Two worthwhile learning opportunities …

One with Chris Haw, and one from Ched Myers. After the jump –

From Ched Myers – a DVD series on money, investing, and sabbath economics:
Chris Haw writes …

This summer, Chris Haw will be starting an apprenticeship program on carpentry, pottery, and theology in Camden, NJ. While it will likely extend into longer periods, it will start as a shorter summer internship for 2 people. The dates are flexible but would start sometime in early June and go till the middle of August or so.
The interns would spend about 25 hours a week working either with Chris doing carpentry or pottery, possibly serving as well in one of the neighborhood gardens or in another capacity within the neighborhood. They would also spend about 10 hours a week in conversation/”class” with me on theology and in addition, throughout the summer, the interns would read at least 3 books (if not more) and write a few papers. The material to read and discuss can be customized through further discussion.
The interns would need to raise money to come as well. We are thinking of asking for about $2000 for the summer, per intern. This would cover housing and most meals.
The interns would also be involved in our community. They would live in one of our houses and share one communal meal a week as well as be expected to attend mass with us on Sundays.
There will also be bicycle rides to the river and to get water ice, possibly a couple of trips to the shore.
If any of you are interested in this let me know ASAP so we can get the ball rolling. If you have any questions or concerns please share them. I did this with a college student a few years ago and gained him credit for Messiah College. Otherwise, this a fairly new project, so there is much opportunity for flexibility and change.