Two voices needed in today’s noisy world

Fred Burnham and Jen Butler tell an important truth in this piece:
Quotable …

Here are some telling signs of the times: CEOs often earn as much in a single day as their workers make in an entire year. Minimum wage jobs don’t pay enough to keep many hardworking Americas out of poverty. Half of all workers are not allowed to take a sick day without being docked or potentially losing their jobs. Congress is slashing food nutrition programs for struggling families even as corporations are coddled with tax breaks.
These are moral scandals. Faith leaders will continue to speak truth to power. The separation of church and state is meant to protect both religion and democracy. Because our government does not enforce an official religion, America has a diverse religious marketplace. Speaking from deeply held beliefs about the issues that affect us all is a healthy sign of pluralism and strength, not confining moralism. Those who argue that religious leaders should be silent in public debates have not only failed to learn the lessons of the past, they also deprive us of powerful voices that can help forge a more just future.

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