As I just finished Brian’s most excellent book (yes, I am one of those male readers who was brought to tears sometimes :-), I so much wanted my wife (who’s native Chinese, although she speaks English, but her Chinese is much better) to read this book! I his book is truly, in the most sincere form of the word, important. I think more people should read this, and why not start with the “other two big languages”?

Thanks for these encouraging words! I hope it will be translated – but this isn’t up to me. If a Chinese publisher (or publisher in any other language) is interested in translating and releasing A New Kind of Christianity, we’d love to hear from them. Here’s a contact email …
I just learned that Finding Our Way Again has been translated into German in Switzerland: Dem Leben Wider Tiefe Geben (Brunnen), and Everything Must Change has been translated into Chinese (Tien Dao).