I am a passionate participant in the growing anti-torture movement, led by David Gushee and others. I recently blogged about a disturbing report, indicating that Southern White Evangelicals are more likely to support torture than Americans in general. So a number of us are making this request for your expression of support. I hope you’ll take a moment and respond … and I hope you’ll ask the religious leaders in your life if they have take a stand yet. This tide must be turned.
Our nation, our allies, and our enemies now know that the United States has committed torture against foreign detainees. And regardless of the motivation for doing so, torture is a nonnegotiable moral issue that we need to end once and for all.
That’s why, last June, I was one of more than 200 military, security, and faith leaders who signed a nonpartisan Declaration of Principles calling on the President to issue an Executive Order to ban torture. Since then, thousands of citizens have joined us, and I hope that you’ll consider doing so, too.
You can read a *summary of the effort* in this recent God’s Politics *sign the Declaration* here.
I hope that you’ll sign on, and that you’ll in turn send this message to your friends and colleagues. Thank you for taking this stand with me.
Sign the Declaration!