Tonight’s VP Debate … Civility?

As I watch tonight’s debate, I’m going to keep this pledge in mind …

I hereby pledge:
1) To take into account a candidate’s civility when voting. I understand that electoral politics requires offense, defense, and sharp elbows, but I will consider personal attacks made by candidates and their surrogates to be marks of dishonor and warning signs of a divisive leader to come.
2) To model civil politics in my own life. I will argue for what I believe in and against those with whom I disagree, but I will show respect for my opponents by assuming that they are as sincere in their beliefs as I am in mine. Knowing how moralistic and self-righteous we all are, I will refrain from assuming the worst about the motives and character of those I disagree with. I will criticize their ideas instead.

You can learn more about this pledge here …
Also – Jonathan Haidt’s TED video on the underlying differences between liberals and conservatives is well worth the 18 minutes to watch it. (Thanks, Paul Harder!)