Tom Krattenmaker gets it right …

I wrote yesterday about signs of change in the Religious Right community in Seattle. Tom Krattenmaker notes a similar change down I-5 in his native Portland, OR, in this USA Today column.
Notable quote:

In his religious history book Discovering God, Rodney Stark, a Christian, points out that the church, over the centuries, has often lost its way when it has been in charge of countries and cultures. Think Western Europe at various points in its history, where the church’s dominant status correlated with periods of arrogance and listless participation.
Given the demographics, dominant status is not a “problem” that’s going to afflict Portland’s evangelicals anytime soon. That’s hardly stopping them from doing what has always served Christianity best. Shane Claiborne, a Christian activist based in Philadelphia, described it this way when he came to speak in Portland earlier this year. The best way for Christians to make people know about Jesus, Claiborne declared, is by “doing fascinating things.”