Today is a big day for me …

Faith After Doubt is available today. I’ve worked on this book for a couple years, but really, it’s been gestating for decades. As you probably know, it really helps a book (and its author) if interested folks buy it the week of its release, so if you feel your faith has taken a hit in recent months or years, I hope you’ll consider ordering it today. Here are links:

Aaron Niequist, musician, worship leader, and seminarian, wrote these encouraging words about the book:


You know when you stumble upon the exact right book in your exact moment of need? Friends, I can’t overstate what is happening inside me while reading this book over the last couple days.

@brian_mclaren has been a friend and mentor for almost 20 years. His writing is brilliant, of course, but behind the scenes he is the real deal. And his honest journey out of a toxic faith into something more beautiful, whole, and loving has inspired me (and countless others) to not give up. Brian is one of the people who helped me stay a Christian when my faith was imploding…and continues to help me stay. This book is no exception.

A quick summary to give context to the quote. Brian suggests that our faith tends to unfold in four, overlapping, messy-but-common ways. Step one is Simplicity, marked by certainty, loyalty, and dualism. Step two is Complexity, marked by pragmatism, achievement, and growing. Stage three is Perplexity, marked by deconstruction, loss, and undoing. Stage four is Harmony, marked by nonduality, encounter without control, and above all else, Love. And Brian’s core insight is that DOUBT is the gift that propels us from one stage to the next. Doubt graciously reveals that our current view of reality is good but not enough, and invites us to “include and transcend” into a bigger and more beautiful faith. Doubt is not a danger to our faith; doubt is the holy deepener of our faith—if we let it.

Especially in such a pain-filled and destabilizing year like 2020, many of us are flush with doubts, disappointments, and deaths of every kind. Through this book, God is beginning to invite me out of despair and into a new kind of possibility. It even feels a bit like hope. Thanks be to God.

Thanks to all who have already sent encouraging words about the book. I pray it will invite every single reader “out of despair and into a new kind of possibility.”