Thoughts on Ramadan

Just as many of us in the Christian faith are engaging in deep rethinking (repentance), many Muslims are engaging in “ijtihad,” reevaluating the past and present, and re-imagining the future. One excellent example is Rahim Snow. Check out this post on Ramadan.

Ramadan is less about saying no to food and more about saying yes to God.
Ramadan is not so much about pushing food away as it is about letting God in.
Let’s use this month to intensify our awareness of God, our relationship with God, our service to God. Whatever form that takes, let’s own it. Whatever road that makes, let’s walk it. This is our Ramadan and God is waiting to feed our hearts.

If you’re interested in my experience with Ramadan a few years back, search this site (upper right corner) for “Ramadan 2009.”