This is a big deal: a key Evangelical leader switches sides on the LGBT issue

Jonathan Merritt writes:

It is difficult to overstate the potential impact of Gushee’s defection. His Christian ethics textbook, “Kingdom Ethics,” co-authored with the late Glen Stassen, is widely respected and was named a 2004 Christianity Today book of the year. He serves as theologian-in-residence for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a coalition of 15 theological schools, 150 ministries, and 1,800 Baptist churches nationwide.

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I have grown to respect David Gushee deeply in recent years. Even before he took a stand on LGBT issues, he stood boldly against torture and for environmental protection. Now he has taken an additional step that some will condemn, but I applaud. I was honored to be invited to write a foreword to David’s new book, which you can purchase here.
If you are one of the many good Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, or Catholic leaders who has secretly thought, “I’m probably going to change on this issue someday,” I would say the time is probably sooner than you thought. David’s new book could really help.