The Story We Find Ourselves In

The Story We Find Ourselves In cover This is the sequel to A New Kind of Christian, second in the trilogy. It is the most important book I’ve written so far, I think. It’s an attempt to tell the Biblical story. One of the most surprising responses I have received about the book is from men who tell me the book brought them to tears. I hope someday to come back to the “seven episodes” explored in this book: if I ever write a “theology,” I think it would emerge from this telling of the Biblical story.

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Publisher’s Description

After many years as a successful pastor, Brian McLaren has found, as more and more Christians are finding, that none of the current strains of Christianity fully describes his own faith. In The Story We Find Ourselves In — the much anticipated sequel to his award-winning book A New Kind of Christian— McLaren captures a new spirit of a relevant Christianity, where traditional divisions and doctrinal differences give way to a focus on God and the story of God’s love for this world. If you are searching for a deeper life with God— one that moves beyond the rhetoric of denominational and theological categories— this delightful and inspiring fictional tale will provide a picture of what it could mean to recapture a joyful spiritual life.

Reviews for The Story We Find Ourselves In

“…this is a book you’ll want to read at least twice.” (UK Christian Bookshops, July 2005)
Written as a piece of fiction, this second in a series by McLaren explores the places where many interested in the newer forms of Christianity now find themselves—uncomfortable in the traditional and evangelical churches, and evaluating what the mission of the Christian community should be. Anyone interested in what is the next phase of Christianity in America should read this book. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 7, 2003)

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