The Lord’s Prayer

When I was writing The Secret Message of Jesus and Everything Must Change, I became more and more amazed at the radical message and profoundly formative power of what we commonly call the Lord’s Prayer. For me, as for many, the words had become so familiar that I was tempted to go on autopilot whenever I said them.
I tried to render the prayer into fresh language that would convey some of this power and depth, while retaining its primal and understated simplicity. Then I began singing a kind of simple chant of the prayer in my own private devotional life, which I eventually began teaching to others. People frequently ask me to share it with them, so I put together this little video …

Please forgive the roughness of my voice and my video production skills. (I’m just using isight and imovie on my mac.)
I should add that you can also have someone sing a line of the prayer “solo,” and then have the congregation echo it … this slows people down even more, so that they really savor the words and let the prayer echo in their hearts.
I hope you’ll find some value in this version of this amazing prayer – in your personal prayer life, and in your faith community as well.