The list keeps growing …

AS of today I’ve heard from Mennonite, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Foursquare, Quaker, Baptist, Episcopal, Vineyard, UCC, and non-denominational churches that are planning to use We Make the Road by Walking for 2014-2015. There are also home groups, seminary classes, prison fellowships, campus ministries, lunch-hour groups at non-profits, campus ministries, and neighborhood reading groups planning to begin in a week or two. There is an amazing online resource showing how one family is using the book around the dinner table.
To explore what the book/curriculum could do for your group or congregation, check this out:
Also – there’s a new Facebook page for readers and leaders working with the book. Check it out here:
PS. You may have heard that Amazon and my publisher are in a spat, which means Amazon isn’t being very helpful about selling the book or offering discounts. But you can get bulk orders at a discount from other booksellers here.