“The Great Spiritual Migration” Book Tour with Brian McLaren
September 20 – 30
November 1 – 7
If you live in or near one of the cities below and would like to explore hosting a stop on Brian McLaren’s “Great Spiritual Migration” tour from September 20-30 and November 1-7, please contact us ASAP here.

New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Washington DC
Richmond, VA
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
Nashville, TN
Columbus OH
Chicago, IL
St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN
Denver, CO
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Denver, CO
Phoenix, AZ
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Bay Area, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA

Here’s some information about The Great Spiritual Migration: How the world’s largest religion is seeking a better way to be Christian:

People by the millions are migrating out of traditional religion – some into secularism, some into experimental forms of nonreligious spirituality. But even within religious communities, people are on the move, migrating in exciting new directions. Drawing from his work as a pastor, speaker, public theologian, ecumenical networker, and activist, Brian D. McLaren challenges Christians to embark on a great spiritual migration: to seize this dynamic moment as an opportunity for Christian faith to become more just, generous, and joyful – and therefore more truly Christian.
The book explores three conversions or spiritual migrations. Spiritually, McLaren advocates a migration from Christian faith defined as a system of beliefs to a love-centered way of life. Theologically, he challenges people to move from defending God as a violent Supreme Being to experiencing and embodying God as the nonviolent Holy Spirit. And missionally, he explores how congregations can move from being institutional outposts of organized religion to networked cells of organizing religion. In The Great Spiritual Migration, McLaren invites readers to join a movement that can shift the direction of Christian faith to be more in sync with its founder, more life-giving for individual Christians and congregations, and more of a just, generous, and joyful resource for the whole world.

Here’s some information about the tour:

We’re looking for churches, colleges, seminaries or other organizations that can host a free 75-minute public lecture/discussion with Brian McLaren, coinciding with the release of his next book, The Great Spiritual Migration. Wherever possible, we would also like to schedule a half-day clergy-oriented gathering with Brian, the afternoon before or the morning after the free public lecture. To explore hosting, please contact us here, and we will send you all the information you need.