The Church on the Other Side


This was my first book (originally entitled – against my recommendation – “Reinventing Your Church”). This book introduces all the topics I explore in my other books, and many churches have used it for group study, finding it a helpful (and gentle) introduction to the conversation about Christian faith-life-mission and the emerging postmodern culture.
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Publisher’s Description

If you’re a church leader or committed member and you’re tired of easy steps and facile formulas for church health, growth, and renewal, then this book points the way to thoughtful action and profound, liberating change. Discover the importance of redefining your mission, finding fresh ways to communicate the gospel, and engaging today’s culture with understanding. Brian McLaren shows you thirteen practices for navigating towards a vibrant church that can reach out and serve the conviction and confidence in today’s changing new world.

“We’d better listen to Brian McLaren if we want to bring the reality of Christ into the world as it is and the church as it now is.”
Dallas Williard — Author, The Spirit of the Disciplines
“This is a book about giving your church a 100,000-mile major tune-up and possible overhaul. The Church on the Other Side makes the process hopeful, purposeful, and doable.”
Brad Smith — President, Leadership Network
Reinventing the Church?: Today’s Church can embrace postmodern suggestions without abandoning the truth of God’s Word. By James Sherk, March 2005.
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Download an excerpt from the first chapter, entitledMaximize Discontinuity.