Surviving Hard-Drive Meltdown …

It finally happened … last weekend, I was typing away on my MacBook and it froze. My hard-drive had melted down. I took it to the local Apple Store, and within 24 hours they had installed a new (slightly larger) hard-drive. Unfortunately, they couldn’t recover the data. Fortunately, I had backed everything up a few weeks ago, and I use gmail so all my email stuff is saved externally. I only lost about 50 pages of recent work. It could have been a lot worse.
Can I be one of those nagging people who reminds you that you could be next, so please back up your stuff!
I leave tomorrow morning early for a few days in the mountains, fly fishing with some good friends who are theologians and love fly fishing, hence the name of the group – “Ich-theology” [insert groan here]. If the scheduling function on my blog works, there should be a few posts coming up even while I’m away.