Storyline: Reading the Bible Afresh

Some people read the Bible to justify violence – even to present God as violent. Others read it to justify peace – and to present God as the voice calling us to reconciliation.
Some read the Bible as an anti-science tract – rejecting evidence for evolution and climate change, for example, based on Bible quotations. Others read the Bible in ways that enrich rather than undermine their engagement with science, and vice versa. They see deep compatibility rather than conflict.
Some read the Bible to blame the poor for their poverty, to oppose GLBT equality, and to reinforce hostility among “us” toward “them.” Others find in the Bible the very opposite guidance.
No wonder that many people have become disillusioned with the Bible and turned their attention elsewhere. Yet it is precisely at this moment, Brian McLaren believes, that we must rediscover the Bible – in a fresh and liberating way.
In 2013, Brian will lead four weekend workshops that, taken together, will provide his most comprehensive engagement with the Bible ever. Each Friday-night/Saturday workshop will combine big-picture overviews with close textual readings. With additional guidance from Rev. Joseph Stabile, participants will gain practice in devotional and contemplative readings and they will gain familiarity with traditional and contemporary biblical scholarship. We hope you’ll join us in Dallas, Texas, for these four workshops presented by Life in the Trinity Ministry:
March 22-23: The Hebrew Scriptures
May 10-11: The Four Gospels
July 19-20: The Book of Acts
December 6-7: The Epistles and Revelation
Each workshop will enrich the others, but each is also a stand-alone, so you can attend one, two, three, or all four.
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