Stand with Farmworkers – sign up for 1 day fast

First, consider the recent flood of Hollywood-related sexual harassment allegations … and then imagine what it’s like to be a female farmworker in the fields in Florida (and elsewhere). Talk about vulnerable. That’s why farmworkers and faith leaders and others have come together to create the Alliance for Fair Food. If consumers can put pressure on restaurants on grocery chains, those powerful corporations can join the Fair Food Program that guarantees safe working conditions for farmworkers. Sadly, Wendy’s (and Publix) have refused to follow the positive example of McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Walmart, and other food sellers. I’ll be part of a fast and protest on January 18 – praying, fasting, and standing for a change of heart among leaders and customers, so that vulnerable people can be protected while they work hard to plant, tend, and harvest the fresh food we all enjoy. Learn more – and sign up – here: