Split Personality

I’m impressed again and again in the emails I receive how people articulate what’s not working in their religious lives … I think this sense of a split personality will resonate with a lot of readers.

i will admit when i got your first book i could not read it. (adventures in missing the point). my heart pounding and fearful of being deceived…i was too afraid to embrace this new “emerging” thought. but…there was a “something” in it that kept me coming back. i had to let go of the false ideas first…those ingrained things that really are not supported by Scripture but are simply traditions of men
and now…
now that i have all of your books here…and all the sermons and talks i could find on Itunes and YouTube, I am seriously thanking God Almighty for your courage to step out and start conversations that have made so many stop and research it out for themselves so that they may truly KNOW Him.
It has been thru the last few of your books that I feel the Light is coming back onto “the Good News” as the old religion had dimmed it significantly for me. the “split personality” feeling about God and my own thought life is gone.
your ability to be honest and wrestle with the traditions and “doctrines” and the ability to point to the (now) obvious holes is a gift. thank you for using your gift to expose a Father God who loves, and a Son who forgives…..all of us. I look forward to hearing more from you in the next years….