Speaking Topics, 2019-2022

Brian is happy to speak about any of his books, especially his newest,

The Seventh Story Books – Cory and the Seventh Story,

The Seventh Story: Us, Them, and the End of Violence,

and The Great Spiritual Migration.


The Seventh Story material is very flexible and can be presented in one overview session, or several more in-depth sessions. Many groups have enjoyed a public reading of Cory and the Seventh Story (will illustrations projected), which takes about 25 minutes. One possible three-session outline:

The Seven Stories and Scripture

The Seven Stories and You

The Seven Stories, the Church, and Earth’s Future

The Great Spiritual Migration can be presented in one overview session, or in three in-depth sessions of 45-90 minutes (lecture with slides, plus Q & R):

The Great Spiritual Migration: From System of Beliefs to Way of Life

The Great Theological Migration: From Violent Supreme Being to NonViolent Spirit

The Great Missional Migration: From Organized Religion to Organizing Religion.


He is also happy to speak about his other recent books:

We Make the Road by Walking – an overview of the Bible and Christian way of life

Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? – about Christian identity in a multi-faith world

Naked Spirituality and Finding Our Way Again – a fresh approach to prayer and spiritual practices

A New Kind of Christianity – ten questions that are transforming the faith


Many churches and denominational groups are deeply concerned about the future of the church. Brian often addresses these concerns through his books, but you may simply wish to ask him to speak on a topic like The Future of Christianity, or Does the Future Have a Church?


Another good way to have Brian speak is to use a “Christian Faith And …” format, addressing topics such as Christian Faith and …

Politics, the Environment, Evolution, Science, Violence, Capital Punishment, War, Immigration, Poverty, Sexuality, Capitalism, Money, the Arts, Higher Education, Creativity, Other Religions, Contemporary Culture, Mental Illness, Parenting, etc.

You could choose the specific topics of most relevance to your group.


If you would like Brian to speak about what’s on his mind right now, ask him to speak about one of these topics:

How Worship Can Destroy (and Save) the World – Brian is a songwriter and liturgist and is passionate about the possibilities of creative liturgical renewal.

The Quadruple Threat, And How Your Church Can Help – Brian’s book Everything Must Change is more relevant than ever, and he is eager to discuss how Jesus’ life and message addresses the four great problems facing humanity.


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