A mother wrote …

This song is beautiful– reflects my heart at this time.
I am also reading your latest book.
I felt a deep affinity for your statement (p. 204) :
“To see Jesus as God’s paradigm for judging or evaluating our lives means that it’s not the powerful and dominant who will be deemed history’s heros, but the humble and the poor in spirit, like Jesus. It’s not the pleasure-satiated hedonists who grabbed for all of life’s gusto who will be judged winners, but those who mourned the tragedy of injustice and who hungered and thirsted for a better day, like Jesus.”
I yearn for the day…when those of us who have raised children on the autism spectrum will see justice.
“Something is burning to be said; something is yearning to be done…”
Someone has to speak for those who cannot speak.
Any thoughts of other directions to go?
Thanks for all you do in urging the church to new ways of thinking!

I share this mother’s concern – especially because of autism in my extended family and in the families of close friends. Parents of children with autism are among the most heroic people I’ve ever met. I hope all readers of this blog will become attentive to the concerns of these parents for their children – who are our brothers and sisters. Here’s the song she was referring to: