Something to look forward to …

Coming March 15:

“Brian McLaren is a bridge builder. In these simple yet profound spiritual practices he perfectly marries his evangelical heart and contemplative soul, and we are all richer for the union.” (Cynthia Bourgeault, author of Centering Prayer and The Wisdom Jesus )
“How does one man have so much to teach us? And it is always wise, easy to read, and practical besides!” (Fr. Richard Rohr,O.F.M.)
“Medicine for the soul. ‘Naked Spirituality’ is filled with uncommon honesty. It is a tonic for all those who yearn for practical help with the development of rhythms of life – free from the stifling tyranny of legalism – that will foster a depth of Christ-centred spirituality.” (Steve Chalke MBE Founder, Oasis Global, Faithworks & Stop The Traffik
UN Special Advisor on Community Action Against Human Trafficking)

Here’s some additional information on the book…