Shut Down Our Ears?

A reader writes …

I know you get tons of emails, but I just wanted to thank Mr. Mclaren for what he does for the face of Christianity.
I am thankful to see a leader who reflects the ideals of Christ, in a time when many Christians refuse to acknowledge issues of ecology, social justice, and economic inequality in this world.
Hearing and reading Mr. Mclaren’s thoughts are so refreshing, and make me remember that Christ himself felt passionately about these issues. For so long I have been reluctant to come back to the church, because it felt like many people of the church were reluctant to acknowledge the aforementioned issues.
Thank you, and everyone working with you (and reading this email!), for reminding the world that there are Christians who will pursue these issues, and who are willing to enter a conversation rather than shut down our ears.

Thanks for these encouraging words – and thanks to all who are part of this growing conversation.