seeing the gospel with fresh eyes

A reader writes …

I am sure that you get many emails like this but I just wanted to email to say how refreshing it is to stumble upon your work and thoughts.
I left the evangelical church in the UK about 15 years ago after feeling very strongly that the message being put across was neither one of love nor one that worked for this world in many ways. Unfortunately was mistaken into thinking that because I did not follow the orthodox view, I was not entitled to a relationship with God.
Having suddenly and sirprisingly re found my faith in Christ and having gone back to the gospel with fresh eyes, I see a message that is not based on the resolving of sin or damnation but one of focusing on the beauty and potential of partnership with Christ as priests and kings and therefore bringing the kingdom of God to this earth.
Unfortunately I seem to be in a bit of a minority in the UK and was wondering how you have been recieved here. I.e. is there a movement that you know of in the UK that I could contact to find fellowship with.

R: Thanks for the encouraging words …
Thankfully, there’s a lot of fresh thinking going on in all quarters. In the UK I think you’ll find yourself (proportionately) less a minority than you would in the US. For a start, check out and oasis trust … and from there, I know you’ll find a lot of great space for service and conversation.