Reflections on the Everything Must Change Tour, Part 3

We have a growing list of potential hosts who would like us to bring “Everything Must Change” to their city, and we’re considering doing so in Fall 2009. Stay tuned …
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In the months to come we’ll be sending out resources to help you put the EMC message into action – in your life, your home, your faith community, your work, and our world. For example, here’s the version of the Lord’s Prayer that we sang on the tour, simply ascending a scale five tones and then coming back down:
1. Our Father above us and all around us …
2. May Your unspeakable Name be revered.
3. Here on earth may Your kingdom come …
4. On earth as in heaven may Your will be done.
5. Give us today our bread for today.
4. Forgive us our wrongs as we forgive.
3. Lead us away from the perilous trial.
2. Liberate us from the evil.
1. For the kingdom is yours and yours alone
2. The power is yours and yours alone
3. The glory is yours and yours alone
4. Now and forever, amen.
5. Alleluia
4. Alleluia
3. Alleluia
2. Alleluia
1. Amen
And if you haven’t yet checked out … that will be a main place to share ideas, links, and ways to keep the change process unfolding.
OK … now I REALLY have to pack for Africa …