Ready to Kill for Jesus

A reader in Europe writes …

My daughter, an active Christian in the Evangelical vein (many years in the ICF in [one city in Europe] now in a hip, young Methodist church in [another city]) gave me A Generous Orthodoxy to peruse; I did, and enjoyed it VERY MUCH.
Your attitude towards Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Hari Krishnas, etc. is my attitude (I was brought up in [a Muslim-majority country], have done [mission work] in myriad venues). Your palpable humility, your reticence to dump on others is VERY refreshing, also your gentle but persistent humor.
When I think of all the narrow-mindedness and petty —hardly Christian— fear of the other [I’ve run into it in state church and also] free-church types —gun-toting, brown shirt evangelicals all over America and in pockets of the EU countries — ready to KILL FOR JESUS.
If I get some time SOMEDAY, I want to find a church on your lines. ‘Til then, as a good Catholic, I will settle for the Incarnated Christ of Incense and History and Tradition and Philosophy and Art and Music …

These words, of course, take on a haunting relevance in light of the tragedy that took place in Norway last week. My next book (title to be announced soon) will deal specifically with this issue of Christian identity in a multi-faith world. My sense is that there is a growing emergence and convergence that is bringing together Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican, and other “free range” Christians in a new kind of solidarity, seeking to practice a generous orthodoxy, a new kind of Christianity, and a naked spirituality … because deep down we know that everything must change.