Reading Cross the Road in China …

A reader writes:

I’ve been re-reading Chapter 23 today and I’m again enjoying your thoughts on the Eucharist. I thought I’d share this story with you that came to mind as I read.
Here in China I attend an old Catholic Church when I’m able. The elderly priest is Chinese, but the service is in English. His English though is often indecipherable. No problem – the entire mass is up on PowerPoint as well. The congregation looks like a miniature version of the United Nations; the majority are Filipino, with some Chinese, a smattering of Africans, Indians, and even a few white folks too. I love it for the sense of connectedness it gives me.
The table is closed, but that doesn’t stop me from faking it. When it comes time for the Eucharist they always flash a slide up that says something like this:
“Please do not take the Lord’s Supper unless you are baptized. Also, do not take the Lord’s Supper if you are still carrying an unconfessed Mortal Sin, such as not going to church for a long time without a HUGE reason.”
I love that they put the word “huge” in capitals… It makes me smile every time.
I hope you’re doing well.