Readers write: We’re using the book!

Readers write:

We were part of the Life in Trinity – We Make the Road by Walking experience in June. We’re excited to let you know that we are using the book in two ways at our church. We’re starting a new Sunday School class for those who have not been attending. We’ll probably adjust a little in order to have conversation time. Then on Monday night we’re having folks to our home for another group. At this point we have 7 on Sunday morning and 10 on Monday night. I’m praying for God to lead us to young adults to form a third group. We’re looking forward to what God will do in the midst of our journey! Thanks for sharing your gifts of leading, writing, and speaking faithfully in our time.

Thanks for this encouraging news. Really, an author’s voice goes nowhere unless readers like you join it with their own voices. So we’re all in this together. Thanks for letting me know. If people want to learn more about using the book, they should check out the books’ page, and Facebook community.