Readers write: joyous tears, set free, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, getting naked

A reader writes:

I finished “The Secret Message of Jesus” and just began “Naked Spirituality” Learning so much and THANK YOU for writing! I’ve only been on my journey of faith for 5 years and never a dull moment. I was at a stuck point-feeling nothing new to learn-my pastor recommended you as an author and I’m realizing there will ALWAYS be more to discover about God! My relationship with Him, with Him in me just gets brighter! Broke down in joyous tears as I was reading today…

Another reader writes:

I realize that you must get hundreds of these types of emails but I still feel compelled to write. I realize that it is not possible for Brian to read each of these individually but because of the impact on my life, I feel I must try, so here it is, as succinctly as possible.
Brian: I am a 55 year old male and have been a Christian for over thirty years, ever since a dramatic conversion in my college years. For the next several decades my wife and I raised five kids, fully immersed in very conservative, Pentecostal churches. Several years ago I started being honest with myself about inconsistencies in our theology, huge gaps between what I believed was the character of God versus the actions of the church and the tremendous inward focus of the church culture. Quite honestly, I simply could not stand being part of this church culture any longer and had to escape, all the while, trying to figure out how to hold onto a personal faith that was a very real and important part of me. While finding many other people with similar frustrations I started trying to find my own path, holding onto those things that were true and good and ignoring and distancing myself from all the things that seemed contrary to the loving nature of God. Finding your books recently was life-giving to me. Your teaching aligns exactly with where I believe God has been leading me and confirms and validates this new spiritual direction in my life. I told my wife yesterday that it feels like I have now been set free to pursue a love relationship with God, that I don’t have to feel embarrassed or stupid to have my theology aligned in this new way. I am once again excited to be a pilgrim on this journey. I just needed to say thank you for your courage, leadership and desire to help others. May God bless you tremendously in your ministry.

Another reader writes:

I wanted to let you know that we are using the cycle of readings from We Make the Road by Walking starting in September instead of the lectionary for this coming year. …after 28 years of preaching the lectionary nearly non-stop… You can add one more PC(USA) church to your list!

Another reader writes …

Just started reading Naked Spirituality.
Decided to (in the privacy of my backyard) in the presence of my Naked Lord, take off the top.
Not just clothing wise.
But the cork that was holding in an identity formed by my church, my youth group, my community.
Getting back to the roots.
Sitting with God.
Spending time with Jesus.
Thank you Brian McLaren.
Don’t even know what else to say but thank you brother.

Thanks, all, for these notes of encouragement.